About Us

Mydo+ Beaute Mall is a platform for excellence in high-end medical technology and innovative technology research development.  Our goal is to continuously improve and innovate concepts to become the first online platform company in Southeast Asia to provide professional beauty therapy products.

We have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) ,R&D laboratory and production center.  We have establish 36 years of experience in research and development formulas for excellence and focus on the subdivision of environmental climate, cell genes ,skin tissue structure, high-end technology , natural ingredients and integrate into the establishment of different brands.

Mydo+ Beaute Mall create different brand grades to give customers with different needs to spend with peace of mind.  Currently investing in the era of online shopping generations, we will provide company's trained professional skin genetic consultants to help customers with skin problems .Thus to provide excellent active treatment and care to create healthy and flawless skin; regain beauty, confidence and charm.